Lexus has been making waves recently with their move to smaller turbocharged engines, and, because of this, I questioned the fate of my favourite Lexus model, the RC-F. Not only just the road-going version but the Super GT version that races in Japan. 

As I had expected, Toyota and Gazoo Racing are to phase out the Lexus RC-F in favour of the much larger Lexus LC500. Instead of running a five-litre V8 or 3.5-litre V6 hybrid like the road-going version, Lexus will be running a turbocharged two-litre four-cylinder engine. 

The Lexus LC500 is most definitely the best-looking vehicle proposed to race in next year’s 2017 Super GT series. Aggressive lines matched with boxed aero, swan-like rear spoiler, reflective livery, and black wheels all make for an aggressive-looking yet beautiful machine. 

Unfortunately, details are a touch thin on the ground currently, so keep an eye out on The Motorhood for updates. But, for now, feast your eyes on this gallery: 

René Vermeer

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