When you want the ultimate in motorsport entertainment, who ya gonna call? Why, Hyper Stimulator of course!

There’s nothing better than grabbing a bunch of boys, heading to the track and either taking part in some racing, or spectating with a few cold ones. Unfortunately though, there isn’t always an event on at your local circuit and, let's be honest, hanging around in the rain can be pretty cruddy too. The solution? Grab your motley lot and make your way down to Hyper Stimulator. Not only do you get to stay warm, you get to drive a wide range of vehicles on a massive list of circuits from New Zealand and around the world.

With Bathurst fast approaching, Aussie flags will be flying, kangaroo props will be staged, and the Hyper Stimulator racing sims will be prepared for Bathurst battle. Bring your crew along and see who is the king of the mountain, or see if you can best the times that the pros are setting out on the blacktop — a true Bathurst petrolhead challenge.

Hyper Stimulator now have an endurance racing league, too. Turn up at their Auckland Race Experience Store on the night and be paired up with another racer for the added element of surprise, as you won’t know what circuit you’ll be contesting until you arrive.

Now to book in the work crew for some battles!

For more information, and to book, head to hyperstimulator.co.nz or call them on 0800 497 377.