In the November 2016 issue of NZ Performance Car (Issue No. 239), we cover the absolute insanity that ensued at the corner of High and Empire streets in Hamilton over the weekend of September 11. The event — known as Churbisu — put 20-odd drivers on closed-off public roads to showcase what drifting is at its core. The best part of it all is that there was no worry from johnny law, as it was 100-per-cent legal!

How did a bunch of drifters pull this off you may wonder? You’ll have to grab yourself a copy of the November 2016 issue of NZ Performance Car (Issue No. 239) to find out. In the meantime, check out this sweet clip put together by the team at FlyGuys. To say that the line-up of drivers — which included Cole Armstrong, Shane Allen, Calvin Clark, Cody Pullen-Burry, Axel Jones, and a whole lot of up-and-comers — didn’t push the limits of their driving abilities would be a flat-out lie. 

Find the full coverage of the Churbisu event in the November issue of NZ Performance Car (Issue No. 239). Grab your copy now:

Jaden Martin

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