We’ve all played the Call of Duty games, but now it’s time to take them to another level with the out-of-this-world Infinite Warfare edition!

We love games here at The Motorhood. They’re essential when the race-car build isn’t going to plan, or the other half is out of town — they’re a (wo)man’s best friend, and we’ve all played Call of Duty. The Call of Duty franchise prides itself on its ability to tell a bloody good story throughout each different game. It’s like watching a movie, and you’re so immersed in the drama that’s unfolding that when the screen changes to ‘point of view’ and you’re holding a machine gun, you’re off on an intense mission you’d now call personal. This is what sets the Call of Duty franchise apart from the rest, and its latest, soon-to-be-released game — Infinite Warfare — is said to have the best gameplay and cinematic experience yet. Are you on the edge of your seat?

It’s set in the future during an undisclosed year. The player will embark on a full-scale planet-hopping war after a ruthless enemy attacks Earth. Playing as Captain Reyes, a tier-one special-operations pilot, you’ll take the helm of the Retribution, one of the last remaining warships on Earth following a vicious surprise attack. The Retribution acts as the game’s central hub, where players prep, deploy, and return from missions as the action unfolds in real time. Stripped of its natural resources, Earth now relies on minerals harvested from surrounding planets for fuel and power. The enemy wants to put a stop to the vital shipments of supplies from these planets, and something must be done to stop them, which is where you, the player, come in — no pressure, right?

If that wasn’t exciting enough for you, Call of Duty has announced that its famed zombie mode is back, and more terrifying than ever. Zombies in Spaceland transports you back in time to a 1980s amusement park, complete with wild attractions, an awesome arcade, and a funky, functioning rollercoaster. In this all-new zombies co-op experience, the immersive storyline for players to explore and uncover will no doubt have you wanting a buddy working with you out in the shed late at night for weeks after …

With three unique game modes — Campaign, Multiplayer, and Zombies — you’ll be entertained for hours. Those renovations and that car project didn’t need to be finished any time soon, did they?

You can play Infinite Warfare on your Xbox, PlayStation 4 or PC, and for more information, pricing, and to pre-order, click here.