Here it is, the most important YouTube video you’ll see this year.

For too long, when we've wanted — nay, needed — our fix of slick gear-change action from Vin, Paul, and all those other people who strut their stuff on screen, we've had to trawl the internet like a chump. But no more! Saint-like YouTube user, Nerd Fueled, has made a compilation of every gear change in the Fast and Furious franchise. Yes, every one. From Vin Diesel's overzealous use of every automatic gearshift he's been sat next to, to Paul Walker's Chucks doing all the hard work, to the complicated and confusing use of the gear shift when we know these cars have paddle shifter (we're looking at you, continuously using the R35 GTR gear shifter like a psychopath).

Sit back, turn off the lights, and don't forget to press the loop tab because you've just got your night’s entertainment sorted ...

Lachlan Jones

My addiction to all things vehicular started when I would take a few minutes to stop eating my crayons and utilize them to draw Knight Rider’s KITT, the Duke boys' General Lee, and anything else that roared across the TV screen. Unfortunately, my ongoing desire to consume my art supplies rendered my flourishing design career over before it began. Luckily, there was room on the car yard when I started my first job in car sales at the tender age of 18. Following a mind-numbing career in the corporate world, I returned to the professional world of cars and have recently launched as a better way for Kiwis to buy and sell cars, and, a UKNZ import business. I'm currently in the market for my third E39 M5.