The Equip is the flagship wheel range for Japanese-wheel manufacturer, WORK Wheels, be it the sought after 05 model, or the smaller diameter models of 01 and 03. They have served on the highest end of show cars through to hardcore track use over the years.

Work teased fans that there would be an addition to the famous Equip line-up and that it would be released at the Tokyo Auto Salon, inheriting the WORK spirit, in order to celebrate the company's 40th Anniversary.

What would such a wheel be called? Why, the Equip 40, of course.

“The new Equip 40 brings back the spirit of the glorious days of Team Equip, our race department created in 1982. Its classical beauty is a symbol of the return to origin, reviving WORK soul and spirit,”

“A classical four spoke that makes you feel nostalgic. The Equip 40 design is inspired by WORK center lock Competition Wheel used in Formula racing in the early eighties. The concave-shaped spokes, exclusively designed for four-studs classic cars, feature three-dimensional curved lines for a strong and depth feeling.”

With the Equip 40, beauty is most certainly in the details. The embossed WORK logo creates a strong, heritage-rich, vintage identity for the 40. With that racing heritage in mind, extra holes drilled between the stud-holes bring weight down and improve heat dissipation — it ain’t all show around here boys and girls.

The back of the centre disk was designed to allow for better brake clearance on cars that may no-longer be running the original examples. 

“Nowadays, fast vintage sports cars take advantage of stronger brakes to enhance stopping power so we created a T disc to clear aftermarket big calipers.”

The Equip 40 is available with the traditional design centre cap, with the company describing these as, “pure and simple design to suit Classic cars as well as Young Timers.”

A limited edition centre cap with yellow letters detailing — a nod to the Team Equip original color — has been specially made to celebrate the anniversary. Only 100 units are available.

Who will be the first to rock these on our shores? It’s one hell of a wheel design and we will put money on it becoming an instant classic.

Available specifications:

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