Owner: Jerome Kino
Location: West Auckland
Occupation: Mechanic

NZPC: Hi, Jerome. When we spotted your R34 at a car meet, we were caught off guard at first because of the front end: tell us, what model was it originally, and why does it look so different now?
Jerome: When I bought the car, it had the factory R34 GT front end. The main difference is the addition of the GT-R front bumper and guards, and a Nismo-style bonnet. 

The GT-R front definitely makes it look staunch. What was the hardest component to find for the front-end conversion, and where did you find the parts?
Thanks, yeah, the hardest parts to find were the GT-R guards and guard risers. I ended up finding them in Australia … [for] private sale through gumtree.com.au. The bumper and lip was the first part I found, which was on Trade Me here in New Zealand. The bonnet was purchased locally through Luxury Sports. 

We also noticed the Skyline sounds as staunch as it looks. What’s under the bonnet, and what have you done to it?
The RB25DET that is in there is fairly factory still, with just a few bolt-ons. It’s got a re-cored factory turbo that was done at Rapid Performance, 600cc injectors, a front-mount intercooler, and a Z32 airflow meter. It was tuned down in Nelson by Brian Ingham at NDT Developments. 

Nice. It must go alright, too. What’s your favourite thing to do in the Skyline?
The Skyline is perfect for going on road trips with friends.

Do you have any future plans, or is it complete as it is?
Eventually, I would like to widebody the rear end in a true GT-R fashion and upgrade the intake and turbo side of the engine, both for looks and more power. 

Thanks for catching up with us Jerome.

Make/model: Nissan Skyline (R34)
Engine: RB25DET, 2500cc, six-cylinder, HKS pod filter, Z32 airflow meter, Rapid Performance upgraded factory turbo, DeatschWerks in-tank fuel pump, DeatschWerks 600cc injectors, three-inch mild-steel exhaust system, twin three-inch exhaust tips, Nistune software in factory ECU, A’PEXi AVC-R boost controller
Drivetrain: R33 GTS25T five-speed gearbox, Exedy five-puk clutch, shimmed LSD
Interior: Recaro SR3 driver seat, Sony Bluetooth head unit, JVC rear speakers, Soundstream front speakers
Exterior: Factory aero kit, genuine R34 GT-R front guards, genuine R34 GT-R front bumper and lip, Nismo-style bonnet, D-MAX roof spoiler, tinted windows
Suspension: JIC adjustable suspension, Hardrace camber arms, R34 GT-T calipers front and rear, slotted front rotors
Wheels/Tyres: (F) 18x10-inch (+19) AVS Model 5, (R) 18x9.5-inch (+12) Work Emotion XT7