Honda Civic Type R turbo crate motor??

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We recently had the opportunity to get behind the wheel of New Zealand's first Honda Civic Type R turbo (FK8) and besides the obvious questions about the latest generation, one of the first things we asked was, "when can we buy just the motor?."

It would be only a matter of time before someone had swapped the 228kW K20C1 turbo heart into an older generation model. A few wrecks have appeared since the models official release — of course, in the USA — and while that gave us a glimmer of hope, we weren't expecting the news that rolled across our desk this morning ...

Honda are releasing a crate motor K20C1. And you can buy it! Well, sort of. For now it seems to only be available in support of racers who are members of the Honda Racing Line program. While we aren't all too sure on what the criteria is, you can can apply to order it here and for a cool $6,519.87 USD it's a steal, really.

So while it may not be an off-the-shelf purchase for Joe Public as of yet, it's the first step towards it ending up in the right hands. 

Jaden Martin

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