Take a trip down Route 66

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The road is something we take for granted in day-to-day life, but for those of us who use them for more than just the daily grind — as a conduit for automotive passion — there can only be one that matters. 

It’s not the oldest road in the world, and it certainly isn’t the busiest, but Route 66 can’t be defined by numbers. It is the mother road, at the heart of America, and its immense historical legacy remains. Winding its way through immense cities, desolate plains, beautiful scenery, ghost towns, neon-lit diners, historic American motels, and the stuff woven tight into the fabric of America, Route 66 is a journey like no other.

If you haven’t, at some point in your life, dreamed of driving Route 66, you may be on the wrong website. But for those who are willing to entertain the idea of the automotive dream, Southern Classics has just what you want — the chance to cruise Route 66 in a late-model Ford Mustang, crossing through eight states spanning 2500 miles, taking in the best the road has to offer. Live it up in Las Vegas, marvel at the Grand Canyon, venture onto the Skywalk, and experience a slice of America that modern life can’t extinguish. 

Tours depart in June 2017, and include airfares, Mustang rental, all accommodation, and breakfast most days. If this all sounds like a bit of you, more information can be found on southernclassics.co.nz, or by emailing route66@southernclassics.co.nz.