This year’s Demon Energy Ultimate Demon Babe comp would no doubt have been the hardest for you lot to pick. The girls have been absolutely stunning, and we’ve received more than a few love letters detailing your picks. The voting was chucked back to you, the faithful readers, and the votes have been tallied up.

Finally, the wait is over, and it’s time to crown the Demon Energy Ultimate Demon Babe for 2016 — and the winner is …


Allow us to refresh your memory on exactly why Ayla took the title ... 

Location: Auckland
Favourite Demon Energy drink: Hell Fire
Favourite D1NZ driver: Darren Kelly
Favourite car: Range Rover Sport
My best feature: Legs/booty
Front or back seat: Front for sure
Where can my fans find me: Instagram — @ayla_cally

Congratulations, Ayla!