We don’t need to sit here and tell you all about the massive following that the Honda NSX has behind it. These days they can be picked up on the likes of Trade Me, and even on some Facebook trade groups for reasonable coin. But we doubt that any this rare, or in the same slick-rick condition, have ever sold here in New Zealand.

That’s because the example we’re talking about — a 1999 Acura NSX — is one of only 17 examples ever produced with a dealer-installed Comptech supercharger. Yep, if the mid-engined naturally aspirated three-litre V6 wasn’t enough to tickle your fancy, this puppy can reside in your driveway for the clean steal of just US$87,500 (NZ$124,803.88).

It’s a price that is a fair sight clear of what can be considered cheap, although it’s a buyers market and it’s worth whatever someone's willing to pay — considering it’s one of the rarest options available, we’re certain it won’t be long before a buyer jumps on it. 

The car was a custom-order purchase by the original owner, holding the honour of being the only red NA2 coupe with a tan interior in the entire world. Excluding the Zanardi editions produced in the same year, it’s also among a handful of examples that came from the factory without a removable targa top.

Speaking of the Zanardi editions, this particular example shares the same 3.2-litre V6, but is obviously paired with a Comptech Wipple Charger supercharger, and includes new headers, a new clutch, and a list of other add-ons to aid in performance. All while still connected to the original six-speed box, and even though a power figure isn’t mentioned in the listing, at just 43,500 miles (70,000 kilometres) since new, it’ll be packing some serious ponies.

With five days left on the eBay auction, this may be the first and last one we ever see for sale … get it while it’s still hot.

Jaden Martin

Growing up inhaling paint fumes and bog dust at his old man's panel shop, Jaden is a qualified word bender that has obtained a 'brofessional' diploma in car building from years of trial and error. He's currently trying to finish his creation of Australian-based debauchery crammed with Japanese- and Euro-inspired goodness. You'll find him writing for NZ Performance Car and producing content online.

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