It seems like yesterday X to the Z Xzibit was oh so keen to put some rims on yo rims on yo ride, y’all! But it wasn’t. Pimp my Ride in that form finished 10 years ago this year. Feeling old yet?

Of course, like most of us in the office, we’d imagine your primary concern was also the lack of any actual required work that went on via the guys at Gas (who were masters of turning trash into flash, yo!! [Cue X’s manic laughter]). 

Every time X was forced to deal with with a shouting, hollerin’, hootin’ teenager whose ride had been turned from nope to dope with 22” spinners and a FULL CARBON FIBRE INTERIOR, no one ever managed to point out that the severe oil leak evident at the start of the show hadn’t quite been fixed or that the noise coming from the diff appeared to be getting worse.

So, it’s no great surprise that by the end of the three season run of Pimp my Ride, a lot of the cars had already made their way to the scrapheap.

Now, thanks to one eagle eyed Reddit user, another Gas/Xzibit piece of motoring history is all yours to own for a paltry $3000 (US Dollars, plus getting it here yada yada. It’s a Pimp my Ride ride, y’all!).

Check out the current state of the car here and the original, HD*, Emmy nominated** episode here

While researching (we use that term loosely) this article, we were also reminded of this glorious relic, Meke my Waka made right here in Nyew Zild (with required cameo from the Mad Butcher himself).

*Horribly Dodgy
**We didn’t actually check the Emmy nods for that year. It’s possible though, right?

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