"An honest and in-depth account of the Auckland boy that took on the world, and won: McLaren."

While the name McLaren moniker is now more recognised as that of one of the best supercar companies in the world, to most Kiwis, the name McLaren remains synonymous with the man that was. He spawned the now globally famous brand on the back of an epic tale of hard work and pushing the limits.

The Roger Donaldson directed biopic is now in cinemas across New Zealand. Utilising old footage of Bruce and his crew testing and racing around the world and interviewing those nearest and dearest to him, the film is a must see for all Kiwis regardless of the amount of benzine running through their veins.

Check out the trailer here:

Lachlan Jones

Lives life a quarter mile at a time which is very inconvenient when travelling. Has an unhealthy interest in high KM, high horsepower German muscle.