When you're out promoting your motorsport discipline in Australia and want to demonstrate how sweet the competitors machines are at doing burnouts, what do you do? Well Ex-NASCAR driver and Mr Super Trucks Robby Gordon's answer was to chuck a few doughies on the street in Darwin.

Yep, police have reportedly impounded the DeVILBLISS Super Truck, which was driven to a firstplace finish at the weekend's CrownBet Darwin Triple Crown by Matthew Barbham — a support series to the Supercars event at Hidden Valley Raceway. Robby Gordon has been summoned to court in relation to the incidient, accused of piloting the Super Truck after it was filmed "hooning" — as the locals like to call it — outside Lizards Bar on Saturday night.

He has been charged with dangerous driving and a raft of other offences under the country's harsh hooning laws, set to appear sometime today.

Check out the footage that has sparked this whole thing off below:

Jaden Martin

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