It’s a release that car enthusiast have been crying out for, for the better part of a decade, and with a very curious concept dropping at the 2014 Detroit Motor Show, we’ve all been eagerly awaiting a reveal of the production version.

You’re in luck fools — well, kind of. In a new batch of photos snapped at Nürburgring, Germany, the Japanese automaker’s new flagship sports car still wears the pre-release camo and fake body panels, but gives us a solid insight into what can be expected of the styling.

Features like its duck tail boot lid spoiler and twin exhaust pipes are clearly visible, and the rear also pulls elements from the MKIV, with very familiar looking tail lights, and blends in the rear shaping found on the FT-1 concept. It has clearly influenced the front half of the car, too, as the pair share a similar(ish) front-end and double-bubble roof design. 
Aesthetics aside, the real kicker here is the engine and drivetrain; we already knew it was going to be a BMW and Toyota colab in the engine bay, utilizing a hybrid system which will combine a gas-fueled BMW turbo engine with an electric motor — what we didn’t know was that it appears we’ll only ever see it in automatic, as has been reported by international media outlets after seeing a BMW-looking automatic shifter on an interior shot.

Now that ain’t necessarily a bad thing, as the latest BMW autos are known for being precision shifting pieces of art. And comments made by Toyota Europe president and CEO Johan van Zyl hint at a Japanese-made drive train which could see a snail-powered V6 petrol engine paired with electric motors offered up — perhaps with a manual box, also?
There’s good news for us locally, too, as selected models may just make their way to our shores as Toyota Australia has been reported to have filed a trademark application for the Supra name last year.
Toyota New Zealand (or international), if you’re reading this, we’re chucking our hands up for a thrash test if you feel like letting a bunch of barely-credible motoring journalists have a crack at your flagship sports car … call us


Jaden Martin

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