Clocking in at 5:44.72, Travis Pastrana smashed the Mount Washington hill climb record by 24 seconds at theClimb to the Clouds event in New Hampshire, USA.

In contention since 1904, the 12km long Mt. Washington road course remains one of America's oldest motorsport events, and chanllenges drivers through a mix of tarmac and gravel, while winding its way up to the 6,288-foot summit — the tallest peak in the northeastern U.S.

Subaru teammate David Higgins held the previous course record of 6:09.09 which he set back in 2014, but was not able to defend after crashing out earlier in the event. 

Pastrana piloted a 447kW Subaru WRX STI, built by Vermont SportsCar, for the feat. Unlike previous years, he was not allowed a co-driver for the run, relaying on reaction and memory to guide himself through each corner. 

It must have been a good memory at that, too, as he used every centimetre of the road to the point of dropping wheels off the cliff edge ...

and to see just how close he was pushing it:

Jaden Martin

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