You're about to witness the result of taking to one of the most technical, big angle tracks in the Formula Drift season, and then overcooking your speed into a practice run. This is Matt Field, ladies and gentleman — a man noted for being one of the looser drivers in the FD lineup — and he enthusiastically pilots a supercharged LS-powered S14 into the hairiest of situations like it's just another day at the office:

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But while we now know he can cook a corner and still pull off a three (maybe two?) wheel slide around the pavement, his clean runs are pretty damn solid, too:

As a side note, behind-the-scenes extraordinaire and resident agitator 'Formuladerp' let us in on the fact that after surviving the wild dirt ride, Matt's 14 had an untimely accident when a transport truck operator accidentally dropped it clean off. Try explaining that one to the bosses. Ouch.

Jaden Martin

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