Ripping a burnout in your Ford Mustang without cooking your rear brakes has only even come in the way of a V8 GT model, and even then owners seem to get it wrong a lot of the time [insert Mustang crowd jokes here].

Sweat no more, though, as the 2018 range will feature a Line Lock mode across the board — which is pretty pointless for most of the ranges demographic, yet still awesome. Even rental-spec cars will be able to smoke it up (in safe, legal environments, of course).

Selecting line lock on the instrument cluster with the toggle switches engages the brake system to build up fluid pressure to front calipers, and with an additional press of the button, the pressure is locked on for a 15 second countdown. Drop the clutch, or for the automatic brethren smash the gas, and you're roasting rubber.

Ol' mate's face below says it all, really ...

Jaden Martin

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