The cover car of the current issue of NZ Classic Car is a Kiwi owned, one-of-nine reproduction of the timeless Jaguar XKSS. It's a stunning car built with passion by Jaguar Land Rover Classics in the UK.

The original 16 XKSS's are a rare breed, too. Valued at north of $15m, their provenance and performance make them one of the most lusted after classics on the planet.

But there is one car out of all of them that is more desired than any other; the XKSS that belonged to Steve McQueen (twice). That car now resides at the Peterson Museum in Los Angeles with a reputed value of upwards of $40m (this is called "the McQueen effect").

For his YouTube show, Jay Leno's Garage, Leno managed to get the keys to McQueen's XKSS and take it out for a spin on the streets of L.A. I'll let him explain the feeling (word is, his insurance premium for the drive in McQueen's Jag was $80,000!).

Otherwise, check out the latest issue of NZ Classic Car for as close as we'll ever get to the real thing. It's quite something, we assure you.


Lachlan Jones

Lives life a quarter mile at a time which is very inconvenient when travelling. Has an unhealthy interest in high KM, high horsepower German muscle.