The early 2000s were a simpler time. The internet was in its infancy which meant videos and ads didn't have the avenues to go viral that they do these days. There are now billions of people making stupid people famous. We then make them rich(er?) by buying the products they promote online, thereby creating an endless cycle of shit.

Way back when, companies had to think about how they'd sell their products, and in doing so, they created some simply brilliant ads. And BMW got it right with these gems.

This BMW M5 ad must rate as one of the best car ads of all time. Perfect in its simplicity, we reckon.

Along with this, BMW made several short films for their 2001/02 model line up. Not just any student short films, mind you. They engaged the likes of action man John Woo, Ang Lee, Neill Blomkamp and Marilyn Manson (errr?) to direct character based films featuring the cars and some big Hollywood names like Mickey Rourke, Danny Trejo and Forest Whittaker.

The best of the bunch was directed by Guy Richie and starring his wife at the time, Madonna, entitled The Star. The star of the show really though, is Clive Owen driving the M5 like it should be. Even though Madonna is a dreadful actor, this is still worth a few minutes of your time.


Lachlan Jones

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