You may have read about the ultra-low mileage, Kiwi-based Jaguar XJ220 in a recent issue of NZ Classic Car. If so, you'll have read about the rich history and racing pedigree of the XJ220. You'll have read about what goes into repairing the XJ220 and the bespoke tyres which threatened to send the XJ220 into oblivion.

What a car — a piece so recognisable it could take rightful place in an art museum. Unless you're these guys.

The infamous TaxTheRich100 YouTube channel has been making car videos for several years, but not your run of the mill, take your Miata out for a Sunday hoon type videos, mind you. These guys put on a hell of a show in some of the most exotic and expensive cars in the world, including the XJ220.

If you get squeamish at the site of millions of dollars worth of cars being driven by maniacs (they do know how to pedal, though), it might pay to look away now.

Burning (very expensive) rubber to taking the XJ220 out to do some paddock work. Possibly not what Jaguar had in mind but it looks like a hell of a lot of fun.

Lachlan Jones

Lives life a quarter mile at a time which is very inconvenient when travelling. Has an unhealthy interest in high KM, high horsepower German muscle.