Weekly Motor Fix: Impure FD RX-7

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The purists will be scathing of anything with an LS designation that has been fitted to an RX-7, and Steven nearly went down that route after buying his FD roughly a year and a half ago. Breathe a sigh of relief if that sentence had you concerned — but don’t rest easy for too long, as you won’t find anything of the rotary persuasion in there instead. Nope, Steven still strived to do something different, and he chose something that will perhaps piss you off even more than the LS — and he doesn’t even try to hide it, either.

Sticking straight out of the bonnet are the distinct covers of an RB25DET. What you won’t be able to tell from a simple glance, however, is that the 2.5-litre head is fitted to an RB30 block that houses Cosworth forged pistons and resized rods with a nitrided and balanced crank. On the hot side lives a Garrett T04Z BB turbo with Turbosmart 45mm wastegate, while air is fed through a GReddy plenum–and–80mm throttle body combo, with fuel administered by Bosch 1000cc injectors on a twin-entry fuel rail. Backing the motor is an R33 big box and an RX-7 driveshaft. 

All in all, the package makes an impressive 410kW at 20psi after being tuned by Dodson Motorsport. The body and aftermarket kit were given a fresh lick of House of Kolor Brandywine Kandy, and the finished product sits over a set of 19-inch Niche Misano wheels and 235/35 Hankook rubber. It’s a sure-fire way to cause a bit of controversy, and you can’t help but applaud Steven for doing it — the finished product certainly catches the eye.

Jaden Martin

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