Weekly Motor Fix: throwback Evo II

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When we spotted this old battler at Chrome, we were taken straight back to 2003 with Aaron Mckay’s ‘TNTEVO’ Evo II. It rocked a perfectly suited set of 17x7-inch (+30) Neeper Titans, and adorning the door was a healthy shopping list of parts. And that list ain’t no lie either, with a 4G63 equipped with a Holset 35-series turbo, 750cc injectors, and a Link G4 ECU, along with the rest of the usual bolt-ons hiding under the bonnet.

The bottom end was once forged, and, as Aaron has been a member of Untamed Motorsport for 10 years now, it has seen a number of events demonstrating its heli capabilities and cutting quarter-miles. That motor saw a best time of 11.3 seconds before disaster struck the block, and it now temporarily runs a stock version tuned to a safe 10psi of boost with all the same gear, making a decent 220kW and a best quarter of 12.7 seconds.

Aaron told us that he puts its reliability on the skidpad — on which it was let loose over the weekend — down to the lower power and boost. But, while it is more than enough to put a smile on his face and stir up a fair amount of nostalgia, getting the more seasoned crowd’s juices flowing, he plans to forge the motor again and turn the power back up. It seems that the iconic early-2000s style that he has tapped into is coming back in a big way. No doubt Aaron’s own example will inspire a number of comebacks among those from the era.

Jaden Martin

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