Nationals 2K18: who won what?

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There ain't no greater sense of achievement than having punters pine over a car that you built with your own two hands at the country's largest modified car event, better yet when all those efforts are recognised come award time. And if anyone does awards big, it's the list of trophies on offer at the 4 & Rotary Nationals — from manufacturer classes that honour the best of each, to the finer details like best paint and best extreme stance.

This year saw a few old faces picking up awards they've been holding down for years and a big hit of fresh air by way of new builds coming in to take the mantle on a number of key awards. And so you don't have to go hunting them out individually on Insta, here's the full comprehensive list of all the winners complete with a few slick pics for your viewing pleasure.

Best RX2/616
Tony Markovina, ‘MR RX2’ RX-2


Best RX3/808
Brett Dyson, ‘RX3 SP’ RX-3


Best RX4/929
RX Master
Open Class: Best Extreme Paint
Open Class: Best Undercarriage, Suspension & Brakes

Lorrie Smith, ‘RX42NV’ RX-4


Best RX7 (S1-3) 
Podge Reid, ‘MPRESV’ RX-7


Best RX7 (S4-5) 
David Matchaene, ‘13B2NV’ RX-7


Best Late Model RX
Open Class: Best Extreme Stance
Fritz Leaning, 26B RX-7


Best RX323
Open Class: Best Displayed Vehicle

Jamie Walden, ‘NSECUR’ 323


Best Rotary Conversion
Alvin Kumar, ‘DXLXIC’ Corolla DX


Best Commercial
Open Class: Best Minitruck

Wiremu Bürkhardt, ‘RX B2K’ B2000


Best RX Other
Open Class: Best Original Paint

Ian D’cruz, ‘WAK10F’ R100


Best 4 Cyl Piston
Best 1970-1989
Best Piston Vehicle Overall
Best Ford
Open Class: Best Paint
Open Class: Best Engine Bay

Matt Keesing, Escort MK1


Best 6 Cyl Piston
Dustin Ng, 2JZ R34


Best 8 Cyl Piston
Open Class: Best Modified Interior

Shyam Patel, ‘BOSDOG’ VL


Best Pre-1969
Troy Harland, VW Beetle


Best 2000-2009
Best Honda
Open Class: Best Rims & Tyres Suited to Vehicle

Matt Holt, Autostance S2000


Best 2010+
Toni Cook, Rocket Bunny MX-5


Best Piston Conversion
Ryan Grobler, LS A31


Best Subaru
Russ Clarke, ‘D4EMON’ STi


Best Toyota
Sarwan Naidu, Supra


Best Nissan
Jayden Douglas, Rocket Bunny S15


Best Mazda
Chris Burrett, ‘AL4SPN’


Best Mitsubishi
Peoples Choice

Sunny Nadan, Evo


Best Euro
Sean Clarke, 1UZ E30


Tough Street: Suspension/Brakes
Tough Street: Undercarriage

Tony Hill, Mazda GTAE


Tough Street: Innovation
Daniel Geange, Altezza


Tough Street: Engineering
Tough Street: Build Quality
Carl Robertson, ‘JRCOZY’ Laser


Tough Street: Drivers Attitude
Akshay Fenn, S15


Tough Street: Wheels
Sunny Dutt, Evo


Tough Street: Interior
Tough Street: Bodykit
Tough Street: Paint
Khrunal Mahendra, Evo X


Tough Street: Engine Bay
Shalvin Sharma, Evo


Tough Street: Display
Jamie Smyth


Tough Street: Power Output
Ifraz Beggz, Evo


Best Drift Style Vehicle
Mad Mike, RX-7


Best Drag Style Vehicle
Sam Khamis, RX-2


Best Time Attack Style Vehicle
Leon Scott, Evo


Best Graphics
Vika Osipova-May, Audi S3


Best Bodykit
Jared Croft, Pandem R32


Best Engineering
Chopper Keen, 13B Sunny truck


Best Stance
Jay Thomson, Volvo


Best Original Interior
Tony Markovina


Best VIP Style Vehicle
Grant Walker, Fuga


Standout/Encouragement Awards
Neel Singh, Datsun 1600


Standout/Encouragement Awards
Louis Court


Standout/Encouragement Awards
Rod Khoey


Peoples Choice Runner Up
Amber Majurey, Mazda 3


Best Club Display/Theme Runner Up
Stance Mob

Best Club Display/Theme
Disruptive Car Club

Best Club Attitude
Uprising Motorsport

Best Presented Vehicles

New Club On The Block
Girls In Motorsport

Overall Top Club Runner Up
Boost Like This

Overall Top Club
NZ Fijian Car Club


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