A well-known actor outside of the franchise, it was his roles in the Fast and Furious that made Paul Walker a household name among car enthusiasts and the world. Following his shocking death in 2013, he is remembered today as a key member of the Fast and Furious family, as a father, and a genuine car guy off-camera.

It is those aspects of his life that will make up a new documentary put together to commemorate Walker: "I Am Paul Walker". Directed by Adrian Buitenhuis, the man behind the  Heath Ledger documentary, I Am Heath Ledger, it will feature:

"... interviews with many of Walker’s cast mates as well as friends who knew him best, the producers say. The film will explore Walker’s prolific film career and also showcase, among other things, the actor’s passion for the world’s oceans and marine life and his work to help rebuild Haiti after the devastating earthquake."

Release dates have yet to be announced.

Walker died during the filming of the seventh Fast and Furious installment when the drive of the Porsche Carrera GT he was a passenger in lost control and crashed into a tree. His death was felt hard in the car community with many attached to Walker's character, Brian O'Conner, in the Fast and Furious franchise, and for his off-camera exploits in motorsports — Walker was known to thrash a gutted BMW M3 at local tracks, had a huge collection of Japanese 'tuner' cars, and helped open up a race shop named 'Always Evolving'.

Jaden Martin

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