Hit the west coast with Kiwis on Tour

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Chances are that by now you’re well aware of the Route 66 tours hosted by Beach Hop frontman Noddy Watts. The concept is simple: book the fully escorted self-driving tour, which includes accommodation, vehicle hire and insurance, a fully programmed GPS unit, and a US mobile phone, and simply arrive and enjoy it. Many of those who’ve attended to date haven’t stopped at just one tour; they have headed back stateside to enjoy one of the other tours on offer.

Noddy and Andrea have taken 21 tours to date, and are heading into their 10th year, making them the most experienced Kiwi-based US tour guides, with more than 700 people having toured with them so far!

Now, there’s another tour in the mix. Dubbed ‘The West Coaster’, it will take in the West Coast’s rich history over 32 days between August and September 2020. As with the other tours, you can expect to drive a Mustang convertible between locations. Beginning in Los Angeles, the tour will take you through eight states. Highlights include stop-offs at the likes of San Diego’s Old Town and Colorado’s Grand Canyon; a visit to the 14;110-foot Pikes Peak; stunning scenery in Aspen; cruising the Pacific Highway; stints on Route 66; Golden Gate Bridge, Alcatraz, and Union Square in San Francisco; Pinkee’s Rod Shop; America’s Car Museum at Tacoma; the Santa Monica car show; and a whole lot more!

If you’re looking for a different vacation, you can’t go past the classic Route 66 tour, which will next happen May–June 2020, or the Cars and Blues tour in July–August 2020.

Pricing is dependent on tour, so contact the team via email for further information at info@kiwisontour.com, or check out Kiwis On Route 66 Tours on Facebook.