Route 66 Tours with Beach Hop frontman Noddy Watts are well known. It’s a grand idea for a fully escorted self-driving tour, in this case, of a part of the West Coast of the USA.

All the essentials are included: car, insurance, accommodation, even a fully programmed GPS unit, as well as a US cell phone. All you have to do is arrive and then enjoy the experience.

For over ten years Noddy and Andrea have been guiding these tours and now have 21 under their belt, so they are very familiar with the process. Seven hundred people have enjoyed their company on these tours so far, and many are repeat visitors.

The ‘West Coaster’ tour is for 32 days and will take place between August and September next year, 2020.

Mustang convertibles will make the most of the summer weather and places like Old Town San Diego, The Grand Canyon, and Pikes Peak, Aspen Colorado. You’ll also visit Pinkees Hot Rod shop, the America’s Car Museum, the Santa Monica Car Show, and much more. You’ll even drive some of Route 66 and the Pacific Highway.

Between May and June 2020 there’s a Route 66 tour, or take the Cars and Blues Tour in July–August 2020. Prices vary, so contact or Kiwis On Route 66 on Facebook.