Oh, so you like American Muscle huh? The V8s, the drag racing, the burnouts, and the burgers? So do we, and we've got BurgerFuel limited-edition American Muscle burgers for you to win. If you can wrap your chops around this, you're a true American Muscle enthusiast.

Take our American Muscle quiz to go in this week's draw.

Congratulations to week one's winners:

  • Stacey Day
  • James Buckrell
  • Wendy Palenski
  • Antony Powell
  • Glenn Kipling

Congratulations to week two's winners:

  • Symphony Carroll
  • Carl Ingram
  • Jagkaran Clair
  • Tim Harkness
  • Liam Bright

Congratulations to week three's winners: 

  • John Campbel
  • Edwin Johnstone
  • Gareth Williams
  • Cristina Mudgway
  • Frank Varra

Congratulations to week four's winners:

  • Steven McLachlan
  • Ryan Leggatt
  • Troy Wharewaka
  • Reef Heaney
  • Dan Edser